Introducing Our Summer Team!

Summer is always a busy time of year at the deVeber Institute. This summer, we have 6 interns with us working on a variety of projects. These projects include: updating some of the chapters in Complications: Abortions Impact on Women (2013), organizing the symposium on medical ethics (more info here), creating a chart on prenatal tests and screening, producing the summer newsletter, and doing a qualitative study at a hospice in Windsor. 
Drum roll please...THE SUMMER TEAM!


                                Christina Holmquist
Christina completed a biology degree this spring at Redeemer University College. This is her third summer working at the deVeber Institute. She is dedicated to research on life issues and is passionate about cultivating health care that seeks the good of the whole person. 
                                     Julia Giancola
Julia is a 4th year Kinesiology student at the University of Toronto with a love for helping others. With the vast amount of knowledge obtained through her experience at the deVeber Institute, she hopes to improve the quality of life of others and implement ethical standards in a future career in Occupational Therapy. 
                                       Tiffany Tran
Tiffany is 3rd year undergraduate student at the University of Toronto majoring in Bioethics and Human Biology. She is especially interested in the physiological effects that abortion has on women. 
                                                                                                    Mariya-Kvitlana Tsap  
Mariya-Kvitlana is a student at the University of Toronto, studying International Relations and Public Policy and Governance. She has furthered her studies by participating in the G20 Research Group as a Compliance Analyst, a writer for the Varsity student newspaper, and a volunteer with Amnesty International U of T. She started as a volunteer at the deVeber Institute and is now passionate about researching contemporary life issues as an intern. 
                                   Shereen Jonathan
Shereen is a third year nursing student at the University of Windsor. She is working with Dr. Kathy Pfaff on a satellite project to research the implications of Medical Assistance in Dying and how it translates to the nursing practice."Being involved in bioethics research has allowed me to develop a further understanding of the importance of bioethics and the impact that these issues could have on human lives. Therefore, I am thankful and honored to be able to work with and be a part of a great team while conducting research this summer."
                                        Katie Pfaff
Katie is enrolled in Social Work and Disability Studies at the University of Windsor. With deVeber, she is researching premature births after abortion and the effects on children born prematurely. She is excited to be researching these current topics at deVeber.
The interns will be presenting at the symposium on July 15th on their research and findings from this summer. It would be great to have you there! You can find the event on Facebook or on ourwebsiteRegister now by clicking here
Help us sponsor students to attend the symposium! Most of our existing bursaries have been already claimed by students. Give a student the opportunity to attend through donating a bursary by clicking here, or by calling our office at (416) 256-0555.