What's the difference anyways? Palliative Care versus MAID/MAD (Medical Aid in Dying)

There is growing confusion concerning end-of-life issues: what is palliative care, what can families expect if they ask for palliative care versus medical-aid-in-dying, and what is the difference?

Attention: Palliative care is NOT medical-aid-in-dying (MAID/MAD).

"Palliative care is specialized medical care for people with serious illness. It focuses on providing relief from the pain, symptoms and stress of a serious illness. The core palliative care team typically includes palliative care doctors, nurses and social workers.. This team approach is in place to offer you an extra layer of full, well-rounded support." -Rab Razzak, a palliative care doctor at Johns Hopkins Medicine.


To distinguish between all of these, read: https://www.cma.ca/…/cma-policy-euthanasia-assisted-death-u…in their bolded definitions. The deVeber Institute does not endorse or support the CMA's current position, in particular where it reads, "...However, there should be no undue delay in the provision of end of life care, including medical aid in dying."

For more information on proper PALLIATIVE CARE, and how it can support you and your family in end-of-life decision making, read: