Thank you for your support in 2016! What one medical student said about our work...

This past year we had a number of public events, speaking engagements and discussions with the public on major life issues including abortion, women’s health, palliative care, conscience rights for medical professionals, and assisted suicide.


At one of these, I met a young medical student, a researcher, and speaker himself on conscience rights, who wanted to share his position on my talk and these issues:

    “Advances in medicine can be extremely rapid, and often outpace pertinent bioethical, moral and social issues to become the standard of care. As citizens and healthcare professionals who will experience the ramifications of this, it is our responsibility to be aware and well educated on these issues. 

    As a medical student, I am constantly confronted with the changing climate of bioethics in the face of new legislation regarding reproductive and end of life healthcare. As such, it is extremely important to have a resource to access information which provides the necessary tools to engage in dialogue with colleagues and patients. 

    The deVeber Institute offers exactly that, with an exemplary library of research articles, journal publications and studies examining relevant concerns such as post-abortion complications, euthanasia and palliative care.

    In a society where opinions can easily be skewed by media and organizations, we are in need of good quality literature which provides clear cut facts on pressing issues, taking into account the gravity of decisions being made by patients and healthcare professionals. I for one am extremely grateful for the outstanding work done by the Institute and will continue to establish strong ties with the team for mentorship and guidance in my future clinical practice.”

Carl A Figueiredo, Medical Student

We thank this brave young man for not only speaking on these important topics, but by helping to build on the work we complete: raising awareness, educating colleagues, and discussing with the public on issues that matter.
We highlight these and other important initiatives in our Perspectives newsletter, free for everyone and available online. In it, our Director of Research, Prof. Ian Gentles, offers his reflections on Canada’s new law on assisted suicide, otherwise known as Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID), the ramifications this will have on Canadians, and the health care system. To read this edition click here or image below.
Sneak preview in spring 2017! You can look forward to a working seminar for everyone working in health care and anyone concerned about assisted suicide. Stay tuned.
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Happy New Year!
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