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The Institute conducts and disseminates research on topics connected to human life in its biological, social & ethical dimensions.


Research and Scholarship for an Informed Social Response to Human Life Questions



Our research is of high academic quality and intended for professionals and students alike and is easily accessible to the public.


Our research can be found published in books and scholarly journals, as well as in electronic format and in the popular media.



We host public lectures and an annual Symposium related to emerging medical, technological and social developments.

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Your donation goes a long way to help the deVeber Institute carry on its work. We are a recognized charity with the CRA.


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With the deVeber Institute this summer I learned the importance of critical research through the updating of Complications with Dr. Gentles, and I was able to align my studies in university with the Institute through  the process of creating a prenatal testing resource for expecting mothers.



Kathryn Pfaff , 2017 Summer Intern

It is symposiums such as these that allow healthcare practitioners and trainees to engage in conversations that are non-existent in day-to-day practice.

Alexandra, Medical Student, 2017 Summer Symposium

An informative, thought provoking and valuable symposium pertaining to sanctity of life; life we could collectively support, enhance and cherish.

Noorjhan Ravji, MSw, RS, 2017 Summer Symposium

What an awesome way to spend a Friday afternoon! Amazing and informative speakers! Honestly, I think ending people’s life as a response to suffering is just bad health care.

Lisa C. Kraw, RN, MScN, Mental Health Nurse, 2017 Summer Symposium

Your donation helps people like me: young medical professionals who are looking for the facts and evidence on the medical effects of abortion.

Jennifer Van Lanen, BSCN, RN

Finally, there is a credible, evidence-based resource to inform medicine, psychology, and law. Moreover, the science is now available in a condensed and easily accessible form to women facing difficult pregnancies and coping with the ill-effects of the procedure.

Dr. Priscilla Coleman, PhD, Bowling Green University

The deVeber Institute helps put values into practice.

Bob Parke, BA, BSW, MSW, MHSc, Bioethicist, Humber River Hospital, Toronto

Research facts carry validity and connect with people, and it’s time the true picture was no longer hidden…I am profoundly thankful for what the deVeber Institute is doing.

Laurel Stevens, RN

I am an annual donor to the deVeber Institute because of their excellent research and courageous, evidence-based stance for the preservation of life at all stages of the human life cycle. As a family physician attempting to resist the prevailing winds of our times, I am grateful for their commitment.

M. Jane Pritchard MD

The recent deVeber symposium  One Year Later: The Aftermath of Assisted Suicide in Canada  provided me with a day to be immersed in learning about the fallout of euthanasia in Canada – what happened, what the law is and what the implications are. It was a comprehensive way to learn a lot in just one afternoon from a variety of excellent speakers. Although the content was sobering, there was a spirit of serenity and fellowship throughout the day. 

Sr. John Mary, Sisters of Life, 2017 Summer Symposium

Our Research

The Institute conducts two kinds of research: original research and reviews of existing literature.


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Literature Research

Our reviews of existing literature is of the highest academic quality and accessible to the general public.



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